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Barrie Home Remodeling

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Welcome to Barrie Home Remodeling, the premier destination for comprehensive renovation services in Barrie, Ontario, and surrounding areas. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to transforming your living spaces into the home of your dreams. We specialize in a wide range of home renovation services, from kitchen and bathroom makeovers to full-scale basement conversions and everything in between. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and customer satisfaction has earned us a top-rated status among local homeowners. Let us bring your vision to life with our expert guidance, innovative solutions, and unparalleled dedication to excellence.

Stephen Herry
Stephen Herry
We had our bathroom renovations earlier this year with this company and we absolutely love it. We worked with them to design our new space and he was easy to work with. We decided to change the original design, but that was no problem. The timeline for work completion was accurate and there was clear communication throughout our project. We were also happy to give our business to a local, family owned contractor.
Jack Murray
Jack Murray
Staff was very satisfying. It was challenging to complete a kitchen remodel during Covid 19, especially with the shutdown of many businesses that were making the cabinets and windows, etc. that were needed for the project, but they did great with the basement renovations. Everyone was extremely professional and made great efforts to provide a safe environment for everyone as well as to keep the project moving forward. When small glitches came up they were addressed quickly and communication happened on nearly a daily basis. I would definitely use them again in the future for another remodel.
Dennis Fields
Dennis Fields
We’d only imagined adding a bathroom to our small home, but the project grew into a major home renovations of the entire house and garage. Luckily for us, this company came out to bid the job. We were immediately struck by their honesty and expertise. He even encouraged us to get other bids and pick the company that was best for us. Throughout the process they worked diligently to manifest our visions, and supplied many creative ideas of his own that we would never have thought of. Coupled with their exacting workmanship, this has turned our property into an incredibly beautiful and sound place to live, especially the flooring. Friends, strangers, and even city inspectors all rave about the results. We are eternally grateful them.
Stephen Bland
Stephen Bland
I had my kitchen remodeled. They did a great job and came out beautiful. Very professional workers with great quality. I will call them back when I am ready for more home renovations to the rest of my house.

Barrie Home Remodeling

Barrie Home Remodeling
Male worker installing new wooden laminate flooring. The combination of wood panels of laminate and ceramic tiles in the form of honeycomb. Kitchen renovation.

Are you weighing up whether or not to press ahead with a home renovation project? It’s not always an easy decision – but the outcome that you’ll get if you decide to be proactive is almost always positive. It’s never a bad decision to invest in your home. It’s the single most important location in your world, the place where you spend time with your family and friends, your sanctuary away from the difficulties that life so often presents to you – and you deserve to have a comfortable and functional place to spend your free time.

But how do you go about making the sweeping changes that you need? If it seems like too much to handle on your own, then you almost certainly need to secure the services of a home renovation company.

About Us

At Barrie Home Remodeling, we’ve made it our chief priority to provide high quality home renovation services to the property owners across the Barrie, Ontario area. We’ve been working in this space for many years, and we know exactly what’s required to achieve the best possible results. Our expertise spans kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and so much more – there’s no part of your home where we’re unable to make a difference. The work we do is carried out by our seasoned contractors – industry professionals who have seen and done it all – and we trust them completely to take care of your property to a very high standard.

Our Services

We’ve constructed a broad and comprehensive range of home improvement services to make sure that all of our customers get the help that they need. They can be applied in every part of the home, and they’re going to drastically raise the practical and visual performance of the property. Naturally, we do our utmost to make sure that each and every one of our service provisions is accessible to as many people as possible – and we do that by instilling unbelievable value into each of them. Rest assured, if you make the decision to use one of our services, you’re doing the very best for your home.

Barrie Home Remodeling
Barrie Home Remodeling
Barrie Home Renovations

Making the call to go ahead with home renovations can feel daunting, but it’s likely to be the best decision you ever make. We can carry out renovation work in one room in your property, or we can totally transform the whole building. This involves paint work, the installation of new floors, and even extensions and additions are possible – the level of work comes down to what you want.

Barrie Home Remodeling - Barrie Kitchen Renovations 1
Barrie Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen has a major impact on the way a household is run – and if you’re not a fan of your current set-up, you need to be decisive in making a change. We’re able to help you with your kitchen cabinetry, flooring, tiling, lighting, and a range of other changes. We can even help you with the installation of new appliances!

“I want to thank the team at Barrie Home Remodeling for all their hard work at my home – they’ve done an outstanding job at renovating my basement into a beautiful second suite. I’m going to rent it out in the coming months – this really has been an invaluable service.” – Angela G.

Barrie Home Remodeling - Barrie Bathroom Renovations 1
Barrie Bathroom Renovations

Our bathroom renovation services are highly regarded, and with good reason. We can install new bathroom fittings, lighting, flooring, and tiling. We’ll also make sure that your water runs properly, and that you have access to hot and cold water as and when you desire it. There’s nothing worse than when you have a temperamental shower that has you jumping all over the place!

Basement entertainment room in new luxury house
Barrie Basement Renovations

If you have a basement at your property, it’s always sensible to renovate it into a condition where it’s useable beyond being a mere storage space. Basements can be living spaces of any type – additional bedrooms, home cinemas, gyms, offices, and even second suites. We’re capable of overhauling the space into an area that you’ll love. We’ll make sure that it’s completely watertight too – since any water infiltration can be very damaging with basements.

“I found out about Barrie Home Remodeling through my sister, and boy do I owe her! This is a truly great team, very hardworking and friendly, but always professional. I’ll certainly be using them again the next time I need renovation work completed.” – John S.

Barrie Home Remodeling
Barrie Countertops

Countertops might seem like a small aspect of your property, but they can actually have a significant effect on the utility of a room. Commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and laundry rooms, countertops need to be durable and resistant but also attractive. We can help you with choosing and installing both prefabricated and custom countertops.

Barrie General Contractor

Our general contractor service is concerned with the oversight and delivery of home renovation projects. We’ll listen to what you’re looking for, and then hire subcontractors and suppliers as needed to achieve your vision. We’ll make sure that the work is carried out to the highest standard, whilst also ensuring that the team adheres to the schedule that is set out at the beginning of the project.

“10/10 is the score that I’m very happy to give to Barrie Home Remodeling. Throughout their time at my home, they were always polite, punctual, and professional – exactly what you’d want from such a service! My kitchen looks better than ever, so I couldn’t’ ask for anymore.” – Carly H.

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If you decide to press ahead with a home renovation project, you need to make sure you use an experienced and reliable team – and that’s exactly what we are.

To arrange a consultation with one of our teams, or to get further information on any of our services or pricing structures, speak to our customer service team today. They’re available through our regular telephone number during our normal working hours or through our online contact form.

Both contact points can be found on our company website. Make the call today, and you’ll be taking the first step toward a more attractive, functional, and comfortable home for you and your family.

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